Replacement display module with aliexpress on SAMSUNG j2 j250h

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Hello. Replacing the display module with SAMSUNG j2 is quite easy. The main thing is not to harm.

Samsung j250h came into repair according to the client’s words “Everything works – the screen just went out. I didn’t drop the whole armor anywhere.” But after a thorough inspection, a crack in the display was visible in the upper right corner. Well, as you know, in Amoled displays, if a crack, then it does not glow at all.

We begin the replacement.

We unfasten the lid, throw up a new display, check its operability.

2. We heat the hair dryer or lay on the separator, we begin to pry off from the side of the buttons. It is unnecessary to unscrew the bolts; they do not interfere with the process.

3. When peeling off, be careful, the bottom touch buttons are glued and held on the cables. Very easy to damage. After removing the frame, degrease and glue the new module.

4. I ordered a new module from Aliexpress. The module was already glued, the screen is amoled original, the backlight is adjustable. I’ll leave a link to the seller at the bottom.

Everything, in principle, is not difficult to replace the screen with your own hands, the main thing is to be careful with the touch buttons.

Link to a verified seller from alliekspres here.

The cost of the module is 2000 r.

A video of this process on YouTube is here.


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