Replacing the display with aliexpress Honor 8X. Disassembly of the phone. Photo.

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Hi, everybody. Today I changed the display on the Huawei Honor 8X smartphone and decided to tell you the process of replacing the display.

The phone’s display had color bars all over the screen. The new display was purchased on the Aliexpress website.

Disassembly of the phone begins with the removal of the rear window. The glass should be removed carefully so as not to damage the fingerprint loop. Attention, everything you do you do at your own risk, I tell you about my experience.

Now carefully holding the back cover, Unscrew all the screws and remove the rear frame of the glass.

It should work like this.

Remove the battery carefully without damaging the inter-pay loop. Next, proceed to pasting the display.

After the phone is disassembled, you can check the new display and stick it on.

Glue the display better on the original 3M tape and b6000 glue ( there are copies).

The display itself was ordered for this one seller’s. By the way, this seller can order a display with a frame. More expensive but glue the display is not necessary.

All good luck in replacing or deciding to give a specialist.




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