Replacing the backlight on the TV LG 32LB561V. very dark shows.

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Hi, everybody. I don’t usually fix televisions, but I couldn’t refuse my godfather. He says the lights went dark. About how I repaired my TV I told in this article, by the way it has been working for six months and everything is clear. Despite the Chinese original backlight with Aliexpress. Apparently TVs from LG often have problems with the backlight. Well, now to the point.

Brought godfather TV. The telly like shows, picture in sight, but very dark, brightness added on entire, but look his can be only in darkness. T. E. backlight worked, but as something on half. Started to disassemble the TV.

Unscrew the legs and 11 screws, remove the cover.

3.  Unfasten the loops of the matrix and CAREFULLY unfasten the plastic frame together with the matrix from the body. Here I have to say: < strong>Everything you do you do at your own risk. If you are not sure do not risk it, give it to the master. The matrix is a very fragile and expensive part of the TV!!!

4. Remove all filters (without mixing them) and begin to remove the last white reflector. It is fastened with white latches. They need to detach from carefully. The little ones just turn around and pull out. Big need necessarily poddevat with other hand.

5. So we got to the led backlight of our LG TV. I decided to include and watch as same is ablaze backlight. Saw that the entire she is ablaze dimly, and two LEDs at all not are ablaze.

6. I decided to that in backlight the entire the problem. This time I did not even try to look in our stores backlight, because I already know that we have 3 times more expensive than on Aliexpress. Found the backlight is very inexpensive in this seller< / a>, just for 1000R. Ordered, came in 18 days, not a little, but cheaper.

7.Experience in replacing I already had, Just heat the old Hairdryer backlight and tear it from the body. Chips with wires are unfastened very badly, you need something to gently pry and remove them up. The new backlight came, first I connected it to check.

All LEDs worked and shone brightly. Means diagnosis I put is true.

Replaced, gathered all and here is already 3 weeks the telly works as a new.

By the way I want to note that the illumination of this seller, in my opinion, is better than the one that stood.

It was just textolite, and the new lighting on an aluminum substrate.

This is the end of my story.

Once again I give a link to seller’s aliexpress.

By the way. this backlight according to this seller? suitable for other LG TV models

32LB550B \ 32LB560B \ 32LB570B \ 32LB580B \ 32LB620B \ 32LB5600 \ LG32LB561U \ LG32LB5610 \ 32LB563V \ LG32LF632 \ LG32LB582 \ 32LB551A \ LC320DUE (FG) (A3) \ LG32LF560U \ 32LF630V \ 32LB580U
LG 32LB550V. LG 32LB552V. LG 32LB560V. LG 32LB561V
LG 32LB563V. LG 32LB565V. LG 32LB570V. LG 32LB572V
LG 32LB580V. LG 32LB582V. LG 32LB650V. LG 32LB652V
LG 32LB653V. LG 32LF550V. LG 32LF552V
LG 32LF560V. LG 32LF562V. LG 32LF564V.
LG 32LF570V. LG 32LF580V. LG 32LF582V

I hope someone helped the article.

All good.


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