5g networks will appear in 2020. What are the advantages compared to 4G.

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The emergence of 5G network: what changes compared to 4G? What changes in life will come with new technologies ?
Now many companies are working on 5G standards. At first it was unclear what would happen in the end? Why are so many software companies looking for 5G? What is the difference between 5G and 4G? Let’s talk about it in the article.

First, technically speaking, than 5G is better than 4G?

When it comes to the characteristics of 5G, we begin to understand the breakthrough of science from a technical point of view.

Before talking about 5G, let’s talk about 2G, 3G and 4G. For ordinary users, the difference between these standards is simple, 4G is faster than 3G and 3G is faster than 2G.

Our communication is mainly related to electromagnetic waves, and the frequency resources of electromagnetic waves are very limited. The frequencies are different and the speed is different. A characteristic feature is that the higher the frequency, the greater the bandwidth and the higher the speed. Our current network is in the lower frequency band. The advantage is that performance is better and can provide good coverage, but the problem is that resources are very valuable and 5G uses a high frequency band that can just use free resources. With the development of 2G to 5G, the frequency becomes higher and higher and the speed becomes faster and faster.

Not only in terms of speed, there is a large gap between 4G and 5G in terms of latency, number of connections and mobility.

As for the delay, the 5g delay is greatly reduced, which has a great impact on many real-time applications such as games, video and data, autopilot and more. The maximum number of connections per 5 square kilometers is also a hundred times greater than that of 4G, and the maximum supported speed is 1.5 times.

In addition, there is a change in the transmission path in 5G. In the past, when we called the caller or sent photos, signals were transmitted through the base station, but 5G devices can be directly transmitted without going through the base station.

Second, the actual reflection of changes in life

So, what changes will happen in our lives?

1.The network speed will become faster.

The most important change will be a very high data rate of up to 10 gigabits per second. How fast is that ? Let’s say you can download a high-definition movie in 1 second. However it is not yet clear what will be the rates. The 5G network will be the same available as and 4G, and therefore the rates will be cheaper.

2. Need to update mobile phone.

The smartphones we use today may also become “old Antiques” in the future. With the end of the 2G era, operators will officially close 2G networks. 5G has certain hardware requirements.

Earlier it was reported that Qualcomm announced that they will implement the commercialization of 5G in 2019. 5G cellphone using the X50 chip Xiaolong, will be presented in 2019. Also announced was the first batch of manufacturers to cooperate with Qualcomm 5G, including Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo.

3. Widespread use of cloud technology

Now 4G is used mainly for surfing social. networks and the Internet, watching videos. In the future, all the information on the device will be stored not in it, but in the cloud storage.

4. The use of technology without a driver

Although unmanned vehicles are already being tested on the roads, they are also waiting for the emergence of 5G technologies. As we have already said, the technology will be able to quickly transfer large data with a delay of 1 millisecond. Low ping is very important for Autonomous driving. Imagine that there is a danger ahead and the delay in warning the car will be too long-a disaster can not be avoided.

Some people will inevitably have doubts. Since 5G has so many advantages, why haven’t we used 5G before?

In this world, there is a truth called “everything has its advantages and disadvantages”. Although the 5g bandwidth is fast, there are still many problems.

The most important of them is that the passage of obstacles is very weak. There is a characteristic of electromagnetic waves. The higher the frequency, the worse the diffraction capacity of the electromagnetic wave and the greater the loss and attenuation during propagation, so the coating capabilities are greatly reduced. That’s problematic. In the same 4G area, only 1 base station is required and 5G several base stations, and the number of base stations determines the cost. Frankly speaking, we need a lot of money.

3. How will the future of 5G evolve?

As mentioned above, 5G has a problem, it’s expensive. However, the current trend in China is to accelerate the decline in fees. From July 1, China Unicom local traffic will be fully upgraded to national traffic. It is believed that other operators will ensure that the problem of raising tariffs does not arise.

Also, some insiders believe that the future of 5G will replace Wi-Fi. Because currently our router supports two frequency bands, one is 2.4 GHz And the other is 5G. For Wi-Fi, speed, low cost and ease of use are the advantages, but after the 5g output for Wi-Fi, the advantage of fast speed goes away. If in the future development of 5G, data transfer to the device does not require a base station, then the cost of equipment can be reduced to a minimum, then the technology fully covers the advantages of Wi-Fi.

After all, the arrival of 5G is an irresistible trend for us.