How to buy a car from Japan at an auction.

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Hello everyone. Today I will tell you how I bought myself 2 cars at Japanese auctions. The task was to buy a nissan leaf without mileage in the Russian Federation with delivery to the Krasnodar Territory and a good battery of 2013 and higher. It was necessary to meet 500 thousand rubles. The second car was intended for the father of honda n wgn, the goal is to have as little mileage as possible up to 600 thousand rubles with delivery to the Krasnodar Territory.

It all started with the choice of a company that wakes up to represent me at the auction. There are a lot of these companies on the network, but it’s kind of hard to give someone a million and wait for a car. In YouTube, I noticed the company “avtoprimorye RF”, there a certain Maxim offers his services of assistance in choosing a car for your budget, customs clearance and sending it to a transport company. He asked for only 15 thousand rubles for his services. After watching his honest eyes and the YouTube channel for a couple of months, I decided to take a chance and signed a contract with them.

After signing the contract and handing over 50 thousand rubles to Maxim. I was asked if you will view it yourself or select it for you. After 2 months of watching his videos, I already knew how to count cars on their calculator. I threw off the cars I liked, and they translated the auction list, some cars had corrosion, somewhere the year of manufacture did not match, somewhere the TV changed. In general, they helped with the choice, and the choice was not very large because the budget is not very large.

5-7 days later, we traded a Nissan Leaf December 2013 mileage 140,000 km, 3.5 auction rating, S configuration, with a battery of 10 divisions for 250 thousand rubles (approximately, I don’t remember exactly). And the next day we traded Honda n wgn December 2016 mileage 43000 km in the minimum configuration, 3.5 points ( at a price about the same)

honda N wgn

Honda n vgn

Nissan leaf

My nisan bodice
Invoice ( money for the car itself) we sent ourselves to Japan, which is still a quest. Fortunately, the Tinkoff card helped (I described the invoice payment process тут). After the cars were delivered to the port of Japan, I was sent photos of the car. Then, in my opinion, we still paid money for customs clearance for some more crap, I don’t remember anymore, but we sent receipts straight from customs, I put a bodice on myself and a Honda on my father. Upon arrival in Vladik, we were again showered with photos of cars. Then we ordered Maxim’s team disks for the car and a second key for Lyfa. Maxim made a small video review of our cars with his father and congratulated his father on his birthday, right on his birthday ( he also gave him cognac).

In general, we put our cars in a transport company, took photos and we waited for our cars for a month and a half. The most terrible moment, the contract with the Transport company, Filkin’s letter thrown off by votzap. The company does not talk very politely, but we gave it 2 cars and paid 140,000 rubles for the delivery of our cars to Krasnodar. The most difficult month and a half, I even got Maxim’s team, realizing that in fact they did their job, but the guys reassured that the contracts are such, that the car has been on the road for a month, this is normal. Although the carrier promised to bring it in 20 days.

Let’s summarize:

Nissan Leaf December 2013, 10 divisions, cost me 501 thousand rubles for everything about everything. I picked it up in Krasnodar.

Honda N-wgn December 2016 43000 mileage 580 thousand rubles for everything about everything, also picked up in Krasnodar.

So if you want to take a cool car without mileage in the Russian Federation and you have 2-4 months of time to wait for your car, then feel free to order a car from Japan

I ordered a car from Maxim, this is not an advertisement , but an honest review!

Website Autoprime and youtube channel attached. Hello to Maxim. And good luck to everyone.


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