Cryptocurrency stacking. UMI mines itself. continuation……

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Updated on 23.06.2021.

Hello everyone, I continue to write about my experience of earning money on a cryptocurrency that mines itself( staking).

In general, since the last entry, I have bought more coins and made detailed instructions for registration in the roy club and the exchange I will post the link HERE, but a little later. Something is happening with the yumi coin, it has sunk well, very much. The entire cryptocurrency sank, but Umi somehow sank unusually, telegram channels reported that it was fixed at the level of two dollars. But the data of the swarm club application and the sigen exchange.the pro diverges dramatically.

In the application, the roy club shows the rate of 141 rubles for one coin, and on the exchange when I want to sell yumi, the maximum price is 98 rubles per coin. Why this happens, I do not understand. But this is a fact. If you look at the application, then I have 29000 rubles of money in rubles. if I really want to sell them, then I will get a maximum of 20 thousand rubles. I don’t know why the Roy club app overestimates the rate, but I hope this is a temporary drop. 4 days ago, I could sell on the stock exchange for a maximum of 80 rubles, now it seems to be starting to grow.( that’s why I bought more).

And so the result on June 5 on the balance I have 176 coins, one coin cost 181 rubles. In fact, my money is 31856 rubles. Now on June 23, I have 212 coins, the real rate is 98 rubles and the real rate is 20776 rubles. The result is not very good, but I hope the course will grow. Therefore, I plan to buy more while the course has sunk. By the way, staking is going faster and faster now, about 4 coins a day, which is almost 400 rubles a day.

In general, we will continue to observe and grow rich 🙂

By the way, while I was doing the registration instructions, I noticed that my ref link < /a> users are not assigned to those who came by the link. Therefore, if you will register and they will ask you for the referral number, I will be grateful if you specify my 192215 .

That’s all, let’s live a little more and I will add this post again, with my observations.



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