LG 42LB673V-Replacement of the backlight with your own hands from Aliexpress

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Hi, today they brought a TV with a problem, “It’s very dark showing”. I would call it – “There is a sound, there is no picture”.

Although the image was visible but very dark, a typical problem for LG TVs. I must say right away that the TV is not an ordinary LG but without a frame and it should be disassembled very carefully.

I must say right away that this is NOT an instruction for disassembling the TV, I just share how I did it. If you decide to fix the TV yourself, then you do it at your own risk. P.S. If I have nothing to do with it.

Unscrew all the bolts and remove the back cover. I didn’t take enough photos for some reason, I’m sorry. In principle, everything is clear there, we remove the frame, unscrew the bolts, I took a long time with the lower part, it pulls down, I will remind you again be careful the matrix is everywhere with this TV.

Turning on the backlight, I found that almost half of the LEDs did not work, and of course I decided to change the backlight entirely. I’ve been looking for it for a long time with our Chinese comrades and I think I found it here. Ordered, came in a week, started to put but the wire loop was not connected to any. I found that the connectors for connecting the backlight are slightly different ( in the photo) I had to solder all the connectors. And so the backlight bars are exactly the same as they were.

Then we carefully collect everything and watch your TV.

Once again, the link to the backlight with fast delivery for this TV on Alliexpress.

All the best for everyone.



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