TV BBK 32LEX5037/T2C LED backlight REPAIR

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Hi, everybody. Brought me to repair the TV BBK 32LEX5037/T2C white. The problem was that when you turn on the backlight lit up for a fraction of a second and went out. The image was visible when illuminated with a flashlight. Well, I think it’s the LED light burned out. Disassembling the TV. BBK 32LEX5037/T2C

Inside the main (main Board) CV338H-T42. There were no visual defects on the Board. Then carefully unfastened the loop of the matrix, and peeled the matrix Board from the case (it is glued to double-sided tape). I unscrewed all the screws around the perimeter and carefully removed the case, leaving the frame and matrix lying on the table.

I removed the filters and got to the LED backlight. It consists of three lines and each has 6 LEDs 3 volts 1 watt. Backlight marking 303HS320032 SHYS32D06-ZC14F-10 2015-04-24.

I started checking the bars, applying a voltage of 18 volts to each bar. It turned out that all the LEDs work. I think so. I started checking each diode separately, put 3.5 volts on the power supply units and limited the current to 200 milliamps. It turned out that 2 diodes blink when power is applied. I was thinking of replacing all the lights. I made a request to an authorized BBK service center, and they replied that they do not deliver. I looked for b.u. on Avito, but everything was very far away from us and I didn’t really want to put the BU backlight. I went to Aliexpress and searched there, but I did not find any analogues that were not original. Although usually on alliekspress, there is everything :). I decided to change the LEDs. LEDs 3 volts 1 watt I have long bought on alliekspess this seller, while there were no refunds. These diodes have a wide cathode ( minus wide, plus narrow).


I re-soldered the diodes and pasted back the diffusers . Checked, everything works, not any lights there. Modified the power supply to reduce the backlight current by removing one resistor. ( forgot to take a picture)

Телевизор BBK 32LEX5037/T2C Телевизор BBK 32LEX5037/T2C

Assembled a TV. The client has not yet worked wi-fi, did not see the network. The Mac address of the wi-fi adapter was missing. The issue was resolved by resetting the TV to factory settings.

On this repair I have everything, maybe someone will need this article. Video to how to blink diodes will try to add in the near future.

Once again, a link to the seller of diodes for TV illumination from Aliexpress.


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