A cryptocurrency that mines itself? introduction to UMI


Hello everyone, today I decided to write about the UMI coin. I have long heard that a person bought a cryptocurrency and now withdraws money every week. I thought it was some kind of nonsense, confused with bitcoin. But today a friend came and says that a friend advised a crypto coin that makes a profit, says 8000 put and for 2 months 18000 withdrew. I think it’s some kind of nonsense, but the comrade doesn’t seem to be one of the braggart people.

In short, I decided to try and weekly record the results of my investments in this cryptocurrency, so to speak, a notebook on the Internet.

The site is called “Roy Club” you can follow my affiliate link https://roy.club/club?ref=UMI192215 . I haven’t figured out yet what referrals give, but they give something. We register on the site mail passwords everything, as always. then you must make sure to top up your balance. I decided to use a p2p service (this is a type of hand – to-hand) bought 5,3 umi transferred from a yandex wallet (for 900 rubles.) transferred to the royclub website. I think let them lie.

Then I saw that the minimum balance should be 20 umi well, I think fuck it, we play, I bought another 20 umi and transferred it to the swarm. (they also remove commissions there )

In total, 30,04,2021 I spent 4399,69 rubles from a Yandex wallet and I have 22.77 UMI on my balance in the Roy Club and it has started to grow.

Guys, why is it growing, that this is a bubble like Bitcoin, everyone understands, but it works, the manners of mining are not the first year, the main thing is not to lose common sense and not flattery in loans to throw more. I decided to try it with five thousand rubles. I will try to supplement the post every week.

May 7, 2021.

As promised, a week has passed and I am completing my post. A week later, I have 38 umi coins or 7263 rubles.

But the increase did not come by itself. During the week, I learned that they have a referral program, they say, connect a friend and get your ruble (5%). Well, of course I found a couple of friends and connected them, with them I fell 3 coins. It is written that if you collect six and pass the swarm school, then you will be woken up by 20 coins every month. So, I got the motivation to find 6 friends. By the way, if a person did not follow a referral link, then such a user is randomly distributed. They added one to me, although maybe he read it here and decided to try it, but it doesn’t matter.

I was added to the telegram group, from where I learned that my friend invested 500,000 rubles in this coin, I was stunned by such faith in this coin, but he says that in 2 weeks he earned 90 thousand. I do not risk investing such sums yet. ( yes and no 🙂 )

Also for a week I decided to try to withdraw these coins to the Yandex wallet through the exchange Sigen.pro P2P method. ( you give the coins to the service and wait for the money to come to your wallet, and confirm the transaction. 5 umi I brought out.

But I will say right away I immediately added 1100r. and again bought umi coins.

Total for the week: I invested 6610 rubles and now I can withdraw 7263 rubles. that is, somewhere 10 % of the profit, but I was playing with the withdrawal of money and connected 2 friends. In principle, not a bad result.

Oh, yes, on the site since May 4, constant technical work, the site of the roy club works a maximum of 2 hours a day, what kind of thing someone does not know, but they say that this is normal. I am glad that even though their exchange works almost always and the exchange rate of the coin is growing.

Everyone who wants to try to earn money on the umi coin, please register using my ref. link https://roy.club/club?ref=UMI192215

I will try to write the next addition in a week.


Updated on 28.05.2021.

I promised it every week, but it doesn’t work. I wanted to keep accurate statistics on how much I invested and how much I earned, but it doesn’t work. The fact is that I mine bitcoins through the nice hash service and have already bought a Yumi coin for bitcoins a couple of times (thousandths of it). And there vig will analyze the bitcoin exchange rate the yumi exchange rate between them transactions. Plus, I played on p2p trading, created orders to buy and sell yumi. Then I stopped, because the operations are carried out on my card, and frequent movements of funds back and forth can cause suspicion in the bank, well, plus it did not really work out.

And so I already have 161 UMI on my balance sheet, which is about 28,000 at the current exchange rate, and I invested about 24,000 rubles. That is, if I now withdraw all yumi then, my net profit will wake up 4000 rubles per month. pretty good result. This is also due to the fact that the yumi coin sank after bitcoin, now its cost is 173.82 rubles for 1 UMI. The rate rose to 213 rubles, that is, I could withdraw 34,000, but then I would not have staking (mining coins). Now I have at 161 coins, about 1.5 yumi coins are minted per day, at the current exchange rate it is about 300 rubles per day. Now while it has sunk, I want to transfer some more bitcoins to yumi, because it should definitely grow. The structure is constantly growing due to the attraction of new users and the referral program.

For a more accurate calculation of profit, I will take 5000 rubles and create a wallet for my wife and now I will not touch, do not withdraw, do not trade. And I will unsubscribe here (try once a week). especially now the rate as a race for the purchase of coins is excellent.

Well, here is such an addition turned out.

Everyone who wants to try to earn money on the umi coin, please register using my ref. link https://roy.club/club?ref=UMI192215

I will try to write the next addition in a week.

Updated on 5.06.2021.

Hello everyone. I record my observations of the yumi coin and the roy club again. Judging by the fact that there is one review, it means that someone is reading my records. Although in Russian, there was always a deuce.

And so to the point. Staking (mining) umi coins when there is a lot of it on the balance are more fun. During this week, I did not buy anything, not a single user registered on my link (which is a pity), so the data became transparent. On May 28, I wrote that I have 161 coins on my balance, today on June 5 I have 176 coins on my balance. It turns out that during the week, the steaking brought I need 15 coins. This is about 9% per week. Not bad.

The exchange rate of the umi coin on May 28 was 173 rubles, and on June 5, 181 rubles. It turns out that the changes in the exchange rate and the yumi staking for the week brought me 4003 rubles (((161*181=29141)-(161*173=27853)) + 15*181=2715 4003) Quite not a bad result, in a month it turns out 16 thousand rubles. But that’s if I took them off right now. But greed takes its toll. We will continue to keep the money, let it multiply.

Since I am distributing a ref link here and someone will register on it sometime or I will still top up my account, it is difficult to calculate the net income. So I created another account where I invested 8000 1 time and I won’t touch it anymore just watch the growth and post statistics тут.

I think that this is the end of today’s message.

I will try to write the next addition in a week.

Everyone who wants to try to earn money on the umi coin, please register using my ref. link https://roy.club/club?ref=UMI192215

I decided to move the update to another page so that this one doesn’t stretch.

Continued from 23,06,2021 here https://www.xblshnik.ru/stejking-kriptovaljuty-umi-dobyvaet-sama-sebja-prodolzhenie/


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  1. Евгений Мизерев

    June 4, 2021 12:23 am

    Короче ты сам запутался… Так ты капитал себе не сколотишь. Пройди рой школу и Рой академию, всё понятнее станет. А регистрироваться можно через ТГ бота с инструкциями, картинками и пояснениями.
    Кстати деньги можно сразу не заводить, зато в течении 72часов побыть в живом многотысячном чате реальных участников, понять всю движуху, позадавать вопросы. Через 72 часа кабинет ваш удалится, а в чате возможно останетесь

    • admin

      June 4, 2021 4:08 am

      Уже прошол роц школу, стало все понятней, сделал еще 1 аккаунт на каторый положил 8000 и трогать его не буду(ради эксперемента прибыльности), а то на этом то на p2p торговли куплю, то за битки.


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