(Русский) Видео инструкция установки пленки на телефон.

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Dear customers, thank you for your purchase. This instruction should help you to glue our film easily and without bubbles. Please review it before applying the film.


Thank you for the order and hope for a good review.


The full range of hydrogel film from our stores on the marketplaces is here.


Negative reviews caused by incorrectly glued film:

1.Half of the substrate has peeled off and when removing the film from the cardboard, the middle is not cut through. It is not possible to paste it normally.

2. When separating from the substrate, all the layers parted and immediately bubbled. It was not possible to set the position, remove the bubble, in general, the first film was immediately thrown into the trash. With the second method of twisting, it helped, but bubbles formed smoothly.

3. The lower part of the film, which is subsequently removed, remained on the substrate, so it was impossible to paste the film. And it’s not about my crooked hands.

These reviews are very upsetting to us, that’s why a video instruction was created, I will add interesting and curious reviews in a separate tab.



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