LG 42LA615V-ZE TV repair. Replacement lights purchased in China.

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Hi, everybody. Today I want to share the experience of replacing the backlight on the TV LG 42LA615V-ZE. After three years of service, the TV stopped showing. The sound is, and the picture is not visible, shone on the phone screen there is a picture like there. Well, I think it means light. Since I am engaged in Repair of PCs and phones, it was decided to try to find the cause and fix it. Brought to work and began to disassemble.

I warn you this article is just a story from personal experience. If you are going to fix the TV with your own hands, but doubt your abilities, then give the TV to specialists.

First you need to prepare the surface where to put it, better for a towel. The main task is not to break the matrix. Then Unscrew all the screws and bolts. Remove the cover and Unscrew the screws again and disconnect the cables. 2 plume reaching the matrix is also detachable.

Unscrew the perimeter of the metal frame and remove it. Very matrix, do not attempt to lift. I was taking it off with a plastic frame, unfastening the latches around the perimeter. Carefully remove the matrix in the direction of the ( VERY FRAGILE). Remove the backlight filter, it is desirable not to mix and not to touch them. take the edge and remove with Plexiglas. Unfasten the 5 clips and remove the white screen.

Now check the old TV backlight. On the stripes of polarity of the specified voltage, I applied 25 volts. 4 LEDs and 1 strip of 10 did not work. The Internet is seen as changing the diodes themselves, but thinking that all they worked for 3 years and started to burn out, better to change all at once. Illumination we have found in Krasnodar original 4500r. It became a pity. Then moved to aliexpress and TV model (LG 42LA615V-ZE), found the backlight 1300r. the whole set and also write that the original. Ordered from this seller Best quality LED electronic Store, Came the backlight after 3 weeks in the Krasnodar region, checked everything worked, immediately goes sizing double-sided tape.

Go ahead, remove the old lights, it is desirable to heat a Hairdryer.

Take a new light and glue it in place. Places are marked R1, L1, R2, L2, both on the body and on led strips. Well, collect all in reverse order. Matrix – the Most expensive and fragile thing, be CAREFUL.

Once again, a link to the seller in Aliexpress

Video replacement backlight – here


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