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Hello everyone, many probably like I thought about making money on the Internet. A year ago I wrote about the dwarves giving gold, about Yandex taloka, earnings on file hosting. By the way, you can make good money on file hosting by having files that are in demand.

But today we will talk about making money with the help of cashback. Somehow I stumbled on the Internet on the site This is a kind of cashback service. The essence of his work is that you bring the client to the online store and if the client makes a purchase, then you will get a certain% from this purchase as a reward. There are a lot of shops in this service, the most popular for me is Alliexpress,

I decided to try it, posted an article on the phone repair on the website and a link to spare parts for this phone. about a month passed. And here he is the first buyer to buy a display and I got a cashback somewhere around $ 1. Well, I think I’ll take it off now, but it turned out that it was necessary to wait until the customer received the goods (about 1 month). I waited and brought money to Yandex money. there is still a commission for withdrawing money 6%.

For 3 months of my experience using the EPN service, there were 14 sales and I earned $ 23. Not much, but still this is something.

The main advantage is that these links are eternal, that is, every time a user wakes up to a link and makes a purchase, you get a cashback.

A lot of resources for the distribution of links YouTube, social networks, forums, blogs. All that you are fond of can be monetized. You can simply make purchases in the alli express, leave a review about them with a link to the product and all. But this service is not limited to cashback from allpress. Below is a list of stores from which you can get cashback:

Yandex Market
and 3 more dozen stores.

In general, no matter what you do, there is always a way to make money on the Internet simply by sharing your impression of a product or recommending a product in your social networks.

A little later I will miss the detailed instructions for registering and working with the cashback service “ePN Cashback”.

In the meantime, you can register yourself and try to earn money by monetizing traffic.

Registration link here


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