President Putin’s daughters in business on coronavirus.

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A private company supplies tests for coronavirus to the Moscow city hall and the presidential administration. What does this have to do with President Putin’s daughters?

Why Russian authorities are promoting the country’s most expensive test system COVID-19, found out <url>.

Last week, the news reported that a biopharmaceutical company from the Vladimir region registered the first domestic rapid test for coronavirus. Actually-not the first.

Indeed, the first swallow arrived from Roszdravnadzor on March 20. At the same time, another company received a certificate for its tests – the Kazan company Smartlifekea. Moscow city hall has already purchased 100,000 samples from Evotech-Mirai Genomics LLC, which supplies these tests .another 30,000 were ordered by the Moscow region Government, and 96 were received by the Central Executive Committee of the Presidential Administration… This is not counting numerous orders from large private companies associated with the authorities.

For objectivity, Russia has already had several such test systems, but officials clearly prefer the very first (and most expensive of them) from Mirai. After all, it is promoted at the very top. And that’s why they promote …

One test sample from Mirai costs 1500 rubles. Competitors who do not have close ties to the Kremlin offer their projects 2-3 times cheaper, but officials are not in a hurry to buy them so actively.

Ekaterina Tikhonova

Formally, the tests from Mirai are not purely domestic, but Russian-Japanese. Sounds more solid. Yes, and it looks plausible, because Evotech-Mirai Genomics is half owned by the Japanese company K. K. Mirai Genomics. Here is only in Japan Pro this office not very heard.

Even the site of this” famous ” Japanese Mirai Genomics is made in crooked English and is located on the Russian hosting Timeweb (the domain name, by the way, is also registered in Moscow, and not in any Yokohama). But it was under this dubious authorship that more than a billion rubles were allocated for the creation of the Russian direct investment Fund created by the government. For a large business, the amount is negligible; You won’t get most of it, but the main thing here is not money, but communication.

Kirill Dmitriev, the head of the Foundation, is married to Natalia Popova, a friend and colleague of Katerina Tikhonova, Putin’s youngest daughter. By the way, Tikhonova is a Japanese specialist by education. So the tests for coronavirus were, to some extent, Russian-Japanese. We must take it!

“More than two million tests have already been ordered from more than 40 major Russian companies.”

Kirill Dmitriev, head of RDIF.

Sergey Kogogin

Kazan businessman Lenar Valeev heads Evotech-Mirai Genomix. In fact, this is a fictitious company with zero turnover, which, according to documents, does not have a single employee. But Valeev himself also runs another company, Eidos-Medicine, with a portfolio of government contracts worth 1.75 billion rubles. In addition to medical equipment, Eidos produces simulators for aviation and emergency situations and enjoys the support of the head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov (the company even has a joint project with the government of the Republic).

But the main thing is that Eidos has a particularly close relationship with KAMAZ, for which specialists have developed a simulator for controlling a locomobile. KAMAZ CEO Sergey Kogogin headed Vladimir Putin’s headquarters in the last presidential election.

Ramil Zainullin, one of Valeev’s partners in Eidos Medicine, is a co-owner of Smartlifekea. The one who prescribed the same coronavirus tests that the government liked so much at Roszdravnadzor.

And this, as you know, is not all the connection.

Gennady Timchenko

If 50% of Evotech-Mirai Genomix belongs to the already mentioned mysterious Japanese, the second half of the company belongs to Russian genetic technologies. The beneficiary of the technology is Alexey Kozlov. He is the managing Director of SIBUR for business administration and government relations. What kind of “SIBUR”, with no links to government agencies!

The co-owner of SIBUR is a long-time friend of Putin, a businessman from Switzerland and Finland, Gennady Timchenko. The management of the holding also includes Marina Medvedeva, the wife of the head of the Federal security service Dmitry Kochnev, and Kirill Shamalov, the ex-husband of the already mentioned Katerina Tikhonova (that is, the former son-in-law of the President).

As Dmitry Konov, the company’s Chairman of the Board, admitted, the use of tests developed with the participation of their top Manager is mandatory at SIBUR today: “only those who have passed the test and received a negative result go to the clean zone for two weeks on the territory of enterprises.” After mass testing on workers, the tests were approved by the Kremlin.

Arkady Rotenberg

Genetic technologies also have other approaches to leadership in Russia. For example, a minority shareholder of the company, Nikolay Ishmatov, previously headed Rubicon, which is linked to Vnesheconombank by Igor Shuvalov. Another 33% of the authorized capital of Technologies belongs to the management company Evokorp, whose national subsidiary National Project Building is also associated with VEB.

Succeed. The official owner of EvoCorp in the Unified state register of legal entities is Maxim Viktorov, a colleague of one of Putin’s friends Mikhail Kovalchuk, in the Russian Association for the promotion of science.

At the same time, Evokorp actively cooperates with projects that involve the family of other friends of the President, the Rotenberg brothers: the Moscow Moskvarium, the Sochi football club, Gazprom drilling, and the same national Building project.

Arkady Rotenberg-hero of the bridge, friend of the President

Sergey Chemezov

Already confused? Complex tests are not easy. But “Genetic technologies”, in addition to “Evotek-Mirai Genomics”, has a second “daughter” – LLC “Evogen”, which conducts genetic testing (genetics, by the way, Putin’s eldest daughter, Maria Vorontsova). And the technology partner in this company is the former chief obstetrician of Moscow, mark kurtzer.

In addition to the network of clinics “Mother and child”, mark Kurzer has a luxury estate in the village of Domodedovo Akulinino. The obstetrician’s neighbors in the village and his partners in the NGO “Emergency medical care” were Rostec executives Sergey Chemezov and Vladimir Artyakov. Together with Kurtzer, they created the Seasons hunting and fishing Club, a fishing company that was invested in by offshore investor Ruben Vardanyan and other respected people in the Kremlin.

In short, you understand. This is just a very brief description of what successful Russian biopharmaceutical is based on. It is not surprising that with such connections, the “Russian-Japanese” tests, despite the presence of cheaper analogues, promote (which we started) at the very top. Yes, they are moving so much that Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin ordered them on March 14. That is, a week before they officially appeared. This is more like a test not for coronavirus, but for sycophancy.

When you delve into the details, you may even get the feeling that all this self-isolation hysteria was inflated specifically to give the right people good money. However, this test is not even for sycophancy, but for corruption.


Of course, the Russian direct investment Fund itself does not agree with this information. As noted in the letter to the Interlocutor, Mikhail Irzhevsky, Sergey Kogogin, Katerina Tikhonova, Sergey Chemezov, Gennady Timchenko, Igor Shuvalov and Arkady Rotenberg, Deputy General Director for legal Affairs of THE RDIF management company, have nothing to do with the production of tests. Indeed, this is technically true.

“EMG does not have any preferences from the state and works on the same basis as other manufacturers of test systems,” Irzhevsky said. – EMG sells tests to Russian government customers for 30-40% less than to large companies. EMG has received orders from more than 40 Russian companies for the delivery of 2 million EMG tests. These companies were able to compare EMG tests with other systems, make informed choices, and understand the benefits of EMG tests. Customers purchase test systems on the open market, making their own purchase decisions based on their unique characteristics – short testing time (30 minutes instead of 2.5 or more hours), as well as the ability to use the mobile EMG lab, which fits in two small suitcases. Foreign customers, particularly Austrian companies that have already purchased EMG tests, pay a higher price on the international market because they understand all the advantages of the system:

– has higher accuracy (99.5% vs. 94% or 70-80% for cheaper test systems);

– requires less time for analysis (30 minutes vs. 2-6 hours for cheaper test systems);

– Allows mobile testing (cheaper tests require stationary laboratories), which allows you to quickly conduct tests for coronavirus in remote places where there is no access to laboratories (in small cities, industrial enterprises, airports, etc.)..);

“The cost of a mobile EMG station is 100 times less than the cost of creating a new laboratory.”

The advantages are certainly obvious. But only after buying 100 thousand EMG tests, the Moscow health Department announced a large number of false results (perhaps we are talking about tests from some other manufacturers, but nothing is said about them).

At the same time, based on the figures announced in the RFPI, the cost of such tests for private companies can reach 2-2.5 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the revenue from the implementation of the claimed 2 million tests may amount to 5 billion.

If someone loses money during a pandemic, someone has to earn it.



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