Authoritarian Navalny or devaluation of the dollar – which is worse?

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Quarantined in Chicago. A hole in the US budget. The collapse of the American stock market. Russian radio hosts in Chicago-are you ready for the collapse of America? How will Navalny save Russia? What if Navalny becomes an authoritarian leader?.. And who will replace gray Putin.

01: 32 do you have anyone concerned that the us dollars will become worthless?
02: 25 Passes as in Moscow in Chicago are not present
04: 00 you have trump made tax reform
04: 31 Obamacare is terrible
05: 41 Who knocked you off the air for berating Obama?
08: 45 Thank you to American imperialism for allowing us to do journalism
09: 19 Golikova-chief medical officer in Russia. She is called ” Madame Arbidol»
10: 24 there is a hardware fight for money. For these colossal billions
13: 43 Russia is not moving towards any dictatorship. Russia stands still – as does Vladimir Putin himself
15: 22 I believe that Nemtsov was not killed by Putin
27: 22 a Lot of Americans lost money on the fall of the us stock market
28: 00 Bought Tesla shares at 200, and sold them at 800.
31: 00 All American pension funds are tied up on the exchange
32: 02 trump has sunk $ 800 billion into the stock market to inflate this bubble again



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